ODIN Management System

Not everything can be solved in a mobile app, sometimes you need an online web management tool

Web portal for
Drivers & Fleet Managers

A website dedicated to your company to allow drivers to log in and open service calls (tickets) over the Internet or in your company internal web portal.
The solution allow Fleet managers to see all open / closed ticket and receive reports. Allow your users to work on both ODIN in mobile app and ODIN web platform!

Web portal for service providers

In large service centers when your carriers manage a lot of traffic of incoming and outgoing vehicles, when there are a lot of new tickets are being opened, it is more effective and convenient for the service providers to manage everything in ODIN web interface. This web site will allow service providers to see there open assigned tickets and Change statuses

ODIN Web Dashboard

Our Ticket BI admin dashboard for fleet managers allow you to explore the data in real time, See the trends & export to Excel. Everything should be measurable and reflect all the information so that you can make the right decisions for your Drivers, fleet and service providers.

Do you need integration with your core systems?

Using our API component in ODIN management system, you can connect to your core systems and Database quickly and easily. We have the experience to integrate to your: ERP , CRM, Call center systems and cloud platform solutions.