Sarah Calfee Shannon

Managing director of Copper State


Copper State Bolt & Nut CO
Phoenix, AZ




Managing a versatile fleet that operates nationwide with more than 30 business centers. Tracking maintenance and driver’s activities.


ODIN – eTicketing platform, service provider app for real time installation & service document and communication platform.


80% reduction in maintenance violations, increase with drivers’ satisfaction with vehicle care services. 20% reduction of Insurance premium on the first year.

Copper State Bolt & Nut co, manage their nationwide Fleet operation with ODIN.

No more “surprises” – Our managers, drivers and service providers communicating in real-time, making sure all needs are being address.

Copper State is a manufacturer and distributor of fasteners and related products in North America, with more than 30 retail locations and 20,000 customers across 10 states and around-the-clock operations.
“Managing and maintaining a fleet of more than 120 vehicles and 150 drivers around the state is a business by itself”, said Sarah Calfee Shannon managing director of copper state. “Even with our fleet management suite that includes a fleet manager, ten regional managers, maintenance teams, dispatchers, we had a hard time maintaining the vehicles health, dealing with problems in real-time, communicating with our drivers, and producing a solid organizational culture for remote workers who are on the road most of the day.

“From having countless maintenance violations, missing information, multiple excel spreadsheets ,undocumented process, and a lot of uncertainty to real-time view, consistent communication all over the country, we were able to reduce our operational costs by 15%”

Sarah Calfee Shannon – Managing director of Copper State

According to Copper State, within months, they noticed the changes, managers and drivers embrace ODIN and use it on a daily base, 75% off all vehicle care needs were taking care with 48 hours.
Based on the company’s stats, since implementing ODIN, there was a significant decrease in delivering cancellations and delays, Accuracy in reporting vehicles incidents that led to the company being acquitted in court, back-office work was reduced by 25%
In Addition, the company manage to implement three new cross-organization process that hold for years because of operational challenges and not having the right technology to support the process.

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