White Label Application Design for Enterprise

Because it is important for you that your drivers work according to your unique business processes and see your marketing branding

Customize for you and your drivers needs!

Odin Enterprise division allow you to customize your special business processes and give your drivers unique experience with integration to your core software operational systems and hardware Components installed in your vehicle, here are some examples:

Advanced services
Chevrolet IL

Based on API to tracking & diagnostics hardware services we can give the driver information like:

  • Real-time vehicle location
  • Daily travel diary including showing the route on the map
  • Driving score according to the algorithm that analyzes driving behavior
  • Real-time alerts about speeding and sudden braking
  • Open automatically Tickets due to vehicle alert, Such as battery charging problem, engine heat and more.

Core systems Integration with Cadillac Service centers (Garages) – Cadillac IL

A unique wizard that accompanies the drivers step by step includes:

  • Allocation management and direct assignments to the relevant Service Provider calendar
  • Pickup Services – The user can ask the service provider to come to his home or office, take & return the vehicle from treatment.
  • Before the user enters a garage for treatment, he can get a quote for his car treatment (Working hours cost, parts and special services.)

Car rental for employees from the company fleet

Amdocs manages a fleet of thousands of private vehicles, one of the processes implemented in the app allows an Amdocs employee to rent a private vehicle for privet use, from the fleet and pay with the use through his pay slip. The goal is to give the employee unique benefits while utilizing the company’s untapped resources

Digital service experience for all types of Avis IL customers

AVIS IL provides leasing services to a huge variety of business customers. The business and commercial flexibility enables them to lead the leasing industry in Israel. The application knows how to locate the type of service agreement that the vehicle has and accordingly business processes and relevant services are opened so that Avis can provide quality and accurate service.

Post-sale of product and services

Jaguar and Land Rover run an exclusive customer club with unique benefits that includes the purchase of comfort accessories, fashion and lifestyle products, tickets for motorized events closed only to their customers, and all through the app. The ability to manage products, inventory and deliver products directly to the customer in the brand app allows them to be a significant part of their customers’ daily lives.