Odin Call Center Service

Give your drivers 24/7 support by Odin Help Center representatives

We Understand your Business

Operating Costs

In order for the treatment time to be as short as possible and for your drivers to receive correct answers, we trained a team that is already familiar with the business processes in vehicle fleet management and service.

Various Ways
to Get in Touch

We provide you with a chat platform so that you can send us photos, videos and of course a human call center so that our representatives can talk to you.


Our goal is to give you the best service so we measure everything. Our FCR (first call resolution) and ACT (average call time) are excellent.

Professional Team

Success in providing a quality and effective service requires a team of experts who have been trained in the relevant content.

Odin call center service integrates technological tools to open multiple channels of communication between drivers, vehicle fleet managers and various service providers. We are here to solve problems and answer questions in front of the relevant parties in a two-way channel.

So if the driver has a question like “When will my vehicle be ready?” Or the garage needs to get approval for work from the fleet manager, Use us.

Analysis of the Data

As a customer of our service center we are constantly striving to improve and get better. The service includes an analysis of the calls that come to the call center to look for trends, anomalies and reflect them to the vehicle fleet manager to streamline work processes.

For example –
is it important for you to know that there is one vehicle model in your fleet with recurring problems?
Is it important for you to understand the location of the faults so that we can locate a relevant garage and reduce transportation costs?