Auto Action Group provides after-market installations services for direct Fleets, car dealerships, municipal’s transit fleets and more. There projects take them throughout the whole nation, working in teams and installing different solutions on a type of vehicles.

Every project brings different challenges and require different service protocols. Jared Cohen Owner and CEO of Auto Action Group explained how the need was always there and with the rapid changes in the industry and technological development, as a business you cannot manage and oversee the different projects and daily activity without a tool that ties it all together.

“From excel spreadsheets, undocumented process, and a lot of uncertainty to real-time view, consistent communication with team all over the country and 120% increase in operation productivity.”

Jared Cohen – Owner & CEO of Auto Action Group

According to Auto Action, within a week, the company noticed the technicians improved work habits, productivity rates went up, with ODIN almost every project delivered on time with full documentations and with a high costumer’s satisfaction feedback.
Based on the company’s stats, since implementing the solution, more projects can be performed in multiple locations, back – office work reduce by 50%, service providers and customers satisfaction significantly increase.
In Addition, for services provider companies, time = money, aside from operation efficiency and customer satisfaction, by embedded this technology Auto Action increase revenue by 30% and reduce operational costs by 44%.

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